Newcomer's way to establish relations with the government

A large multinational industrial player has come to Ukraine by acquiring the Ukrainian company, which situates not in the capital. For several years foreign executives were working in the region only (where all departments and offices have been located) trying to further develop its business. Surprisingly not much has been accomplished. More and more often the key decision makers started to face new problems, i.e. a conflict with the trade union, more strict regulations and continuous inspections organized by different state authorities (tax, sanitary, fire fighting, labor and others). The well known name and good image abroad did not play any role in improving the situation.

Short trips to Kyiv and attempts to meet with the representatives of the central power did not also help to improve the situation.

Then the company has approached the local consultancy company and together they were working on the task. As a result the company has made a decision to establish the small office in Kyiv and hire several key employees to maintain the GRs on a regular basis. The company has also joined variety of the consulting & expert councils and groups operating under the different state offices including the Cabinet of Ministers and a ministry, which was the main responsible and regulatory authority in this particular industry sector. Very soon a regular dialog has been established by this Company with many appropriate players representing the state sector, the trade unions and other non-governmental structures.

Now the company is among the most influential and respected state partners and continues to further develop and increase its business in Ukraine.